LETTERS FROM SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ================================

Below we will regularly publish letters from our customers as reference to our dealings with them . Our customers are welcome to submit their letters for inclusion on this page . _______________________________________________________________________

Letter from Mrs Elske van Rooyen of Pretoria , South Africa:-

... Not only was I impressed by the speedy delivery and your outstanding service , but also by the beauty of the stones . I really appreciate , more than words can say , the fact that you sent me , for the same price , a bigger opal than the one I ordered , and set in 18 instead of 9 carat gold . I have received many compliments and quite a few enquiries about your company . People here like Australian opals , but are intrigued by the opal in my pendant . I sincerely hope that it will lead to more business for your company .

Letter from KK of Singapore :-

It has been a pleasure knowing you in 1996 . It is now about an hour before 1997 begins . I look forward to more business with you in 1997 and wishing you a great and prosperous New Year ahead .

Extract from a letter from JK from V.A. , U.S.A. :-

Thank you very much for the beautiful opals. I appreciate you taking my small order and request . There is no place I could get stones like this for these prices .

And yet more ... Thank you Bruce . The sapphires are just the right color and size. But I must say that you certainly exceeded my expectations regarding the black opal. After receiving word that you had an opal I began to think that it might look more like a grey-black opal. I asked for black and that is exactly what I got. This black opal is the most beautiful opal I have ever seen and cannot wait to show everyone. Thank you very much for sending me a beautiful black opal that can't be found in this area unless you're prepared to spend many times more than what I have.

Extract of Letter from Don , USA September 27th 2000:- In my old mind this seems like a logical approach and a good one but if you have a different thought on it just let me know. I think we are doing great communications and I know that I have complete trust in your judgement which is very rare in me to have. You are a great guy and honesty is probably the most important facet in our lives. When I was grown up it was drilled into me that if I was honest with others I would always get the same back which has really proven out with you. In my village of Salassa in Italy a person could leave their home for months and never lock the door and when a person said something there was never a doubt in his truthfulness. It is a rare quality in these times but once you find those who possess it then that group should stick together. Thanks for your honesty, your business practices, your merchandise and most of all your cyber friendship. Who knows, my wife and I just might get down to Lisbon if I get a wild hair. Ha!

Hello Bruce This morning i have recived 3(!) emeralds from you. Thank you so much, I will inclute you i my prayers:-)

My daughter, that sweet child, has informed my, that when i an dead, she would like to inherit the earrings!

I have filled out the members ratings form, i did it i danish, so other can see that i works out fine to deal with a foreing company (And because my english is to bad to be on the internet where millions of people can se my bad spelling)

Once again, thank you for your kind treatmet of this deal.

Susanne Melchertsen Denmark

11th November 2005 - Dear ,

You are the ONLY one from whom I will buy these opals. You spent much time a year or two ago to explain to me what the different term meant so that I could understand what I was ordering online. When I find a store which treats me exceptionally well, I am loyal to it. So give yourself a pat on the back. You are the reason for my return business. I will be watching for the package's arrival in a week or so. Medicine Hands